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Partnering with Mainstreet Calumet and Finlandia's Center for Global Design and Business

Business Counseling

  • Is that expensive database giving you useful information?
  • Could your information systems or data handling be improved?
  • Are you utilizing all of your resources (staff, equipment, computers, etc.) as efficiently as possible?
  • Is your showroom, manufacturing area, or office laid out optimally?
  • Do you know how much staff you really need?
  • Do you know where your pinch points are?
  • Do you have a summary of success indicators to navigate by?

Business Plans

  • Feasibility discussions
  • Financial outlooks
  • Funding prospect identification
  • Assistance or complete authorship

Software Tutoring

  • One on one assistance with spreadsheets and databases
  • We'll use your computer, in your office, working on your tasks
  • Hourly pricing
  • Discounts for KEDA members

Data Collection, Analysis, Reporting & Interpretation

  • Data collection automation
  • Data analysis using spreadsheets and databases
  • Automation of recurring reports
  • Assistance deciphering the meaning of business data, both operational and financial
  • Salary & Benefits Surveys

Making sense of business data